Frequently Asked Questions

Here's just about everything you need to know about Effective Leadership Academy and its programming.
Q. When was Effective Leadership Academy (ELA) founded, by whom and why?
A. ELA was founded in 2008 by Flo Brett, a former pediatric nurse and executive training manager for a major hospital system, in direct response to an identified critical national need to develop self-efficacy among students. Significant research supports this critical need. A major consortium of employers and educators are calling for the essential 21st Century social and emotional life skills to be taught to students rather than attempt to teach these skills to adults whose behavioral patterns are already established.
Q.  How was ELA’s curriculum developed?
A. ELA’s curriculum is adapted from a highly successful adult leadership training curriculum, developed and led by ELA’s Founder & Executive Director Flo Brett, at the largest training hospital in the UK.  The inspiration for ELA came to Brett upon moving with her family to Cleveland in 2004. Through her personal experiences with her own children, she recognized a significant gap in self-leadership and life skills training. Brett spent four years working with a team of qualified educators to adapt her adult training program to make it suitable for grade school and high school students. As life-long learners, the ELA team works to regularly modify and produce new curriculum based on current research and program feedback.
Q. Who writes the Camp LEAD & Club LEAD curriculum and for what age group are the programs designed?
A. Camp LEAD & Club LEAD are open to students entering grades 5-8. The curriculum is written and carefully piloted by its Founder & Executive Director Flo Brett, as well as a team of curriculum specialists and qualified educators.  Every module includes customized strategies and tactics to accommodate each student’s different learning style. The curriculum is aligned with the common core standards and state and national education standards. Curricula are tested for two years in the Cleveland-area before it is launched nationally as a new curriculum unit.
Q.  What is Camp LEAD’s format? How is it delivered?
A. Camp LEAD is delivered as a five-day program during the hours of a regular school day for one week in the summer months. The program is implemented in a highly dynamic, creative fashion. Students learn essential self-leadership and life skills by participating in interactive sessions with their peers. Each activity is followed by debrief sessions to encourage students to apply these meaningful experiences to their own lives as they engage in a journey of self-discovery.
Q. What will my child be doing during a week at Camp LEAD? Can you describe some of the specific activities in which my child will be engaged?
A. Camp LEAD is based on an annual theme that enables the core concepts of the ELA curriculum to be delivered in a fun and activity-based day. Concepts that will be embedded into games/activities within the day include effective communication, team dynamics, goal setting, time management, leadership characteristics and behaviors, etc. Students will be briefed every morning about the mission for the day (Board Room Style). Small group led games and activities will challenge campers to tackle the objective/task of the day, developing new tools, while having fun in a competitive environment. Group debriefs after each activity will ensure concrete learning occurs. Each day, campers will have the opportunity to reflect on their progress and establish daily goals that will be achieved at home.
Q. How is the Club LEAD program delivered?
A. Club LEAD, catered to students in grades 5-12, is delivered in the same hands-on and interactive way as Camp LEAD where students participate in group educational activities followed by debrief sessions. Club LEAD is implemented in an after-school format. The program is designed to be facilitated in 60-minute sessions once a week for eight weeks. The flexible format allows it to be integrated into other existing programming or stand on its own.
Q. My child is already a school leader. What will this program do to advance his/her leadership abilities/goals?
A. We often find that students are placed in leadership roles, but do not have the leadership training and support to assist them in excelling in the newly assumed position. ELA will give your child an additional competitive edge by providing leadership and self-efficacy skills that will increase and enhance their abilities. 
Q. Are the Camp LEAD and Club LEAD programs just for students who are positioned in their schools as either current or future class leaders?
 A. No. ELA’s Camp LEAD and Club LEAD programs provide an essential life tool kit for all students regardless of whether they are interested in assuming future leadership positions or have been identified as class leaders. Camp LEAD and Club LEAD have been consistently evaluated as equally effective for all students regardless of whether they are lower performing, average, or have been identified as a gifted and talented student. ELA’s goal is to assist all students in acquiring self-leadership and life skills, which can be applied to current and future leadership positions. But, most importantly, the skills will help them along a self-led journey toward future success in their personal and professional lives regardless of the path they choose. Many of ELA’s school partners have sought out our Camp LEAD and Club LEAD programs for their student leaders, as our curriculum aligns with and supplements their program goals, but all students need the life skills regardless of their economic circumstances or personal and professional goals.
Q. What are the specific 21st Century skills the Camp LEAD and Club LEAD programs will provide to my child?
A. ELA’s Camp LEAD and Club LEAD programs provide guidance for your child’s growth in:
  • Moral and Ethical Leadership and Self-Leadership
  • Self Regulation and Individual Accountability
  • Higher Level and Creative Thinking
  • Self-Empowerment
  • Goal-Setting & Goal Attainment
  • Healthy Behaviors & Life Balance
  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills
  • Work Ethic, Grit and Perseverance
  • Team Dynamics and Team Roles
  • Competitive and Collaborative Behaviors
Q. Are any of these skills being taught in today’s middle school/high school classrooms?
A. As a general rule of thumb – no. ELA’s curriculum is delivered in an intentional, sequential format that provides soft skills — the social and emotional learning skills that most schools do not have the time to teach. However, these soft skills have been consistently identified by educators and employers alike as essential in producing a successful individual.
Q. Will my child spend time outside?
A. Yes, the Camp LEAD & Club LEAD modules will include outdoor fun; however, this is contingent upon the host site and weather conditions. At no point during the program will your child leave the program location.
Q. What is the cost of your Camp LEAD, Club LEAD and Transitions programs? Are early registration fees available?
A. Camp LEAD’s student registration fee is $285.
Club LEAD’s student registration fee is $215.
Transitions’ student registration fee is $250.
Early registration fees are available at a $20 discount. You will receive an email confirmation immediately after you register.The Camp LEAD early registration deadline is May. The Club LEAD discounted rate is available one month prior to program registration.
Q. How do I register my child for ELA’s Camp LEAD and/or Club LEAD program?
A. ELA accepts on-line registrations here. You can also find a link to program registration under the “Our Programs” tab at the top of the page.
Q. Who teaches the Camp LEAD & Club LEAD programs?
A  ELA hires and rigorously trains qualified individuals to serve as the program facilitators. All facilitators/camp counselors are required to complete and pass a full background check. Learn more about ELA’s Lead Facilitator Bobby Johnson here. ELA facilitators are carefully selected based on their ability to excite and motivate children and their enthusiasm and interest in promoting social, emotional and creative learning as well as their passion and commitment to ELA’s mission.
Q. How many children generally attend each program and what is the staff to teacher ratio?
A. Each of ELA’s Camp LEAD & Club LEAD programs include up to 25 students. ELA strives for a 12:1 student to teacher ratio. Camp LEAD and Club LEAD programs only require use of one classroom. If space is available, two programs or more programs can run concurrently provided there is a minimum of 12 students registered.
Q. Can my child participate in both Camp LEAD and Club LEAD?  Will he/she learn new and different things in both programs or are they essentially the same program just delivered in a different format?
A. Ideally a child should and can attend both programs. Core principles are delivered in very different formats. A student will benefit from deepening their understanding by attending both experiences.
Q. Can my child participate in more than one Camp LEAD program?
A. Students who participate in Camp LEAD enjoy a new/different program experience for the four years in which they are eligible (5th-8th grade).
Q. My child participated in Camp LEAD last year and had a great experience. And he/she is looking for a summer job experience. Are you seeking Camp LEAD or Club LEAD counselors to assist with programming? And if so is this a paid position? What is the compensation?
A. ELA hires junior and senior alumni to serve as counselors for $8/hour. The average pay for a one-week camp is $240.
Q. What Does my Child Need to Bring to a Camp LEAD or Club LEAD Program?
A. For Camp LEAD:
Campers should bring a packed lunch, drink, and snack – each clearly marked with his or her name. Any additional materials needed will be requested via email at least one (1) week prior to the start of the program. 
A. For Club LEAD:
Students may bring a spiral notebook and a snack.
Q. My child is in fourth grade. Can he/she attend Camp LEAD or Club LEAD?
A. Camp LEAD and Club LEAD’s curriculum are carefully written to accommodate middle school students. Students engage in higher level thinking activities and are being introduced to concepts that we have found are difficult for elementary age students to grasp and or retain. Camp LEAD or Club LEAD programs are only suitable for rising 5-8 grade students.
Q. My child is physically or developmentally challenged. Can the Camp LEAD and Club LEAD programs accommodate his/her needs?
A. Camp LEAD and Club LEAD programs offer an environment in which every child can succeed. We make it a priority to accommodate any special needs. If required, an aide or buddy is welcome to attend the program with your child. To make arrangements regarding your child’s aide or buddy, please contact ELA at 216-292-8775 during regular business hours or e-mail
Q. My child needs to take medication while participating in Camp LEAD. Who will dispense it?
A. All medication must be delivered (in the original container in which it was dispensed) and administered by a pre-authorized individual designated by you. No member of Camp LEAD is permitted to administer medication. We will, however, remind children when it is time to take their medication and supervise them as they take it, so long as you have authorized self-administration. All medicines should be handed to a ELA staff member. If you are not comfortable with your child self-administering his or her medication, you or a pre-authorized individual are welcome to come to the site to dispense the medication when necessary.
Q. Do you ever cancel programs?
A. We do everything possible to see that a program takes place. If for any reason we have to cancel a program, you will have the option to receive a full refund or we can place your child in another program. When and if a program cancels, we notify each participant as soon as possible.
Q. How does early drop-off and late pick-up work, and is it available at every site?
A. ELA does not provide early drop-off or late pick-up. Sometimes, a school or other location may offer this at an additional cost.
Q. Are scholarships available for the Camp LEAD and Club LEAD programs?
A. Scholarships are provided on a financial need basis in many areas.  Contact your school Camp LEAD or Club LEAD facilitator or reach out to ELA at for more information.
Q. Can I donate tuition for a child?
A. Yes! There are many children who would love to attend our Camp LEAD and Club LEAD programs, but cannot due to financial constraints.  Donations for sponsoring a child can be made by calling 216-292-8775 or online when you click the green “DONATE” button at the top of the screen.
Q. What if the program my child wants to attend is already full?
A. To ensure that your child has a great experience at our Camp LEAD and Club LEAD programs there is a maximum of 25 students enrolled in each program. Some locations fill up faster than others, and, unfortunately, we cannot hold spots without full payment. If your desired program is full, you are encouraged to consider other locations available in your area. If the location that is currently closed is the only location that will work for you, you can request to be placed on the waiting list. Discuss this option with the facilitator at the site of your choice, call 216-292-8775 or email for further information. Registrations are sometimes cancelled because of scheduling conflicts. When this happens, those on the waiting list are notified as soon as a space becomes available.
Q. What is the refund policy and insufficient funds in account policy?
A. The registration price includes a non-refundable $50 fee. The balance of the registration cost is refundable up to four weeks prior to the first day of the program. All cancellations after this time will result in a loss of the entire amount paid. The only exception to this rule is if ELA has to cancel a program based on low registration. In this case you will receive a 100% refund. 
If we receive a returned check from our bank for a payment you made, you will be invoiced for the original amount of the check plus a $40 bank fee.Your program place will not be held until full payment is received.

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